• Sewing worker Release time: 2018-01-31 14:59:06
  • Post requirements:
    Honesty and trustworthiness, hardship and hard work, quick reaction, with the spirit of learning to advance.
    1, the implementation of piecework wages, hard work. The average monthly wage of skilled workers is 2500-5000 yuan, not on the top. Other post salary negotiable.
    2. Work free meals are provided free of charge; dormitories are provided free of charge in remote areas.
    3, the rest 2-3 days per month; full attendence award 200 yuan.
    4, working hours: 8:00-17:30; the payroll date is No. 15.
    5, the welfare of every traditional festival is issued. In addition, skilled workers who have more than one year or more can sign long-term cooperation in all aspects of work.
    And give the pension insurance.
    6, all post arrangements for the purchase of accident insurance, to protect the value of about 100 thousand yuan.

    Application for position
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